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Germinate provides a fully featured open-source plant genetic resources platform!

Standard compatibility

Germinate fully supports the Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors (MCPD), the Dublin Core and the Plant Breeding API (BrAPI).

Visualization driven

Visualizations are great for highlighting outliers and patterns in data. Germinate supports a variety of visualizations built-in and exports to other visualization tools like Flapjack, Helium and CurlyWhirly.


Germinate was designed to cater for the varying needs and circumstances of our users. From user interface template styling to full localisation and internationalization support - Germinate has it covered.

Data export and import

Being able to easily import and export experimental data is at the core of Germinate and we support Excel templates for data upload and a complete API for data export.

BrAPI support

The Plant Breeding API (BrAPI) is a widely adopted standard for the sharing of plant phenotype/genotype data between databases and plant breeding applications. Germinate's BrAPI implementation is currently being extended.

Germinate publication

A new paper covering the advancements since the first publication has been published here.

An old paper on the Germinate 3 platform is available here.

Future development

We're always looking for ways to advance Germinate to ensure it meets the needs of breeders, scientists and the general public alike. Things we're looking into are HPC integration and supporting GWAS data.

Contact us

If you have any ideas for new features you'd like to see, want a demo of the system or if you want to use Germinate for your project, please get in touch:

Easily import, visualize, explore and share your project data.

Germinate Databases

Germinate is used to host the data for a wide range of crops in collaboration with international partners like CIMMYT and the Crop Trust.

Below is a list of all available Germinate databases. Some require registration while others are fully public. Start exploring!

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The Germinate Team

The people behind Germinate

Sebastian is responsible for the bulk of the development on the database and web interface. He makes sure everything is nice and tidy and looks as best as it can.

Sebastian Raubach

Lead Developer

Iain is the main developer of Flapjack and makes sure that the integration between Germinate and Flapjack is as smooth as possible.

Iain Milne

Flapjack Developer

Paul has worked on Germinate since 2005 and is responsible for the day to day management of the project and its promotion around the world.

Paul Shaw

Project Lead

Previous Members of the Germinate Team have included: Gordon Stephen, Jennifer Lee, Jacek Grzebyta, Toby Philp and Nelo Onyiah.

In addition the following people have been instrumental in the development of Germinate (in no particular order): Bill Thomas, Luke Ramsay, Joanne Russell, Robbie Waugh, David Marshall, Gaynor McKenzie, Pauline Smith, Julie Graham, Dorota Jaret, Susan McCallum, Nicola McCallum, Malcolm Coull, Derek Stuart, Alex Foito, Jordi Comadran, Andy Flavell, Darren Cullerne, Kate Dreher, Sarah Hearne, Peter Wenzl, Benjamin Kilian and Peter Werner.

We would like to thank all those who have been generous with their time and helping us with Germinate user evaluations - your enthusiasm and feedback has made Germinate a better tool.


We are very grateful for the funding Germinate has received over the years. Below is a list of our main funders who we have worked with closely during the development of Germinate.